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Sports Injury

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Ahmed S. Bata, MD

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No matter the severity of your sports injury, medical attention is needed to help heal your issue and strengthen the area that’s been compromised. At Nile Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Association, Inc., with offices in Loma Linda, Rancho Cucamonga, and Riverside, California, Ahmed Bata, MD, examines your injury and prescribes an individualized plan just for you. Call the nearest office or book an appointment online today.

Sports Injury Q & A

What are the most common sports injuries?

Sports injuries can cause damage to many parts of the body. If you have pain in your ankle, knee, back, or shoulder, Dr. Bata’s experience, track record, and knowledge make him an excellent provider to treat your condition and help you heal. 

Sports injuries of the foot and ankle happen in various ways that include the twisting of the ankle during an activity, landing incorrectly, or taking the wrong step. 

If you have a foot deformity or have muscle weakness in your foot or ankle, you may be more prone to injuring your ligaments. Repeated ankle twisting may be due to chronic ligament instability and can lead to more severe injuries. Prompt diagnosis and treatment are key factors in your return to full function.

At Nile Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Association, Inc., no matter what type of sports injury you have, Dr. Bata offers a personalized consultation and individualized treatment for your needs.

What are the symptoms of a ligament injury?

Ligaments are bands of tissue that connect one bone to another and allow a certain amount of movement. Trauma that stresses an ankle ligament beyond its limitations can cause significant injuries. Symptoms may include: 

  • Pain and swelling at the site of your injury
  • Instability of the ankle
  • Repeated ankle twisting
  • Impaired movement 
  • Pain when applying weight

Dr. Bata examines your ankle and provides a treatment plan for you.

How is a sprained ankle treated?

For the first few days of your sprain, use the R.I.C.E. approach as the best self-care option. It includes:

  • Rest: avoid weight-bearing activity
  • Ice: apply for 15-20 minutes immediately after injury and continue several times a day
  • Compression: wrap an elastic bandage around the damaged area
  • Elevation: keep your ankle raised comfortably above your heart

If the pain persists and you still can’t put weight on the ankle, come in to see Dr. Bata for a checkup.

If you’re experiencing any kind of pain or swelling from a sports injury, schedule an appointment at the Nile Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Association, Inc. by calling the practice or booking online. The team of professionals knows how to treat your condition and get you back to your normal activities.