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Diabetic foot conditions

Dr. Bata is an expert in treating Diabetic foot conditions. Dr. Bata is a top rated orthopedic surgeon who provides cutting-edge podiatrist and general orthopedic services. Located in Southern California, Dr. Bata serves the community in Loma Linda, Colton, Riverside, Redlands, Moreno Valley, San Bernardino and all the Inland Empire region. Call (909) 233 - 7823 for booking an appointment.


Diabetic foot conditions are spectrum of conditions that develop due to vascular and neurological changes associated with diabetes. These changes alter the sensation and blood supply at the lower extremities. Diabetic foot conditions include but not limited to foot ulcers, Charcot arthropathy and osteomyelitis. The best treatment is to prevent these conditions from developing by regular diabetic foot care.

Due to altered sensation in the lower extremities many patients lose the protective mechanism in the foot. They usually don’t feel pain typically associated with conditions like foot ulcers or trauma. Changes in blood supply to the lower extremities decrease the ability to fight infection. Unless diabetic patients are educated regarding regular diabetic foot care their condition may progress un-noticed by the patient.

diabetic foot disease

The signs and symptoms of diabetic foot conditions include:

  • Skin changes (redness or swelling)
  • Skin ulcersy
  • Signs of infection (fever or erythema)
  • Foot deformity

When to seek medical advice

  • All diabetic patients should be educated about regular foot care and should be referred to a specialist if they develop any of the above-mentioned conditions