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Bunion (Hallus valgus) & Hammer toe deformities

A Bunion (Hallus valgus) is a bony bump at the inner aspect of the foot at the base of the big toe. It forms when the big toe start deviating against the 2nd toe, making the joint of the big toe to get bigger and bulged.

Dr. Bata is an expert in treating Bunion and Hammer toe deformities. Dr. Bata is a top rated orthopedic surgeon who provides cutting-edge podiatrist and general orthopedic services. Call our office at (909) 233- 7823. Located in Southern California, he serves the community in Loma Linda, Colton, Riverside, Redlands, Moreno Valley, San Bernardino and all the Inland Empire region.

Bunion is more common in females. A Bunion can develop due to multiple reasons. Main reason is wearing tight, narrow and high heel shoes. Other reasons include (but not limited to) Rheumatoid arthritis or secondary to other foot deformities.

When bunion progress, the big toe starts pushing against the 2nd toe and can form Hammer toe deformities of the lesser toes.

Bunions disturb the mechanics of the foot and change the pressure points at the sole of the foot. Patients will sometimes experience pain in the sole of the foot at the base of the lesser toes. This is called Metatarsalgia.

A Bunion of the pinky toe is called Bunionette

The signs and symptoms of a Bunion include:

  • A bulging bump on the inner side of the base of the big toe
  • Swelling, redness or soreness around the big toe joint
  • Pain at the lesser toes – if patient develops hammer toe deformity
  • Metatarsalgia - pain in the sole of the foot at the base of the lesser toes
  • Corns or calluses
  • Restricted movement of your big toe if arthritis affects the toe

When to seek medical advice?

  • Pain is getting worse in the foot
  • Bunion deformity is progressing
  • Hammer toe deformity starts – that means the Bunion is getting worse
  • Shoe wear becomes painful and it is hard to find comfortable shoes